Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Read My Dust & Write My Progress

Monday 2nd July - Sunday 6th July, across the nation. 

How much more excitement can be rabbled by this year's Manchester Children's Book Festival? Easy, much more! This year, the MCBF team have put together a reading and writing relay, sponsored by kidsunlimited, allowing anyone and everyone to show their reading capacities and writing abilities in any size, shape or form.

On Monday 2nd July, a reading with Cathy Cassidy at Longsight Library will kick off the relay, dispersing our physical and virtual batons across the nation. While the physical relay will travel through schools, libraries and where ever else groups decide to gather, a virtual relay will be shown right here on the relay blog. Save it to your bookmarks and set reminders on your calenders, as this will be the place to be for the duration of that week.

We would like to invite you to be involved in this exciting race also. So if you find yourself interested, taking part is a piece of pie. You can send any texts, photos or videos to and see your content uploaded on our blog. Unfortunately we cannot receive HD clips yet, so please make sure the video is a standard recording before sending.  Alternatively, you can click the 'start recording' button here in the right sidebar and let us hear, in a 3 min clip (or as many 3 min clips as you like), your contribution to the relay. If you let us know who you are and where you are, we'll add you to our reading and writing relay map. Don't forget, you can keep yourselves up-to-date with the virtual relay by following us on twitter @mcbf2012

Whether you’re a school arranging an in-class reading, a group of adults planning an overnight read, or a children’s writer working on a new story – get involved and share! If you want to give us the heads-up before the relay takes off, send us your details in an email and we'll keep our eyes and ears open for your coverage. 

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