Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pigs Can't Fly Or Can They?

Pigs Can’t Fly is a exciting new picture book, written by Anand S and illustrated by Izzy Bean. It is a heart warming tale about a a little pig, named Zig. Zig wants to fly more than anything. But Zig is repeatedly told, “Pigs can walk, pigs can run, but pigs can’t fly.” The question is: ‘Will Zig prove the doubters wrong?’

Anand S tells us,

“I am excited about the release of book as it conveys an important message in an entertaining manner. The message is that dreams can come true if you put the effort in. I hope that it will help children see their abilities as something that can be developed through effort. I would like to thank my family, my friends, the writers’ club and the illustrator for helping me to create this book.”

Anand S was born in India, in 1985. He moved to England aged 10. Anand S studied Medicine at the University of Cambridge. While training to be a surgeon, he discovered a passion for writing so he exchanged the scalpel for the pen.

“For me, making the learning experience enjoyable is important. I believe that children are more likely to learn, if they are having fun. This is why, I try to create stories that are funny, humorous and imaginative.”

Pigs Can't Fly is available for purchase from the Amazon bookstore. For more information on the author and/or activities inspired by the book characters visit www.storytime.website.

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